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Slides scanned to digital images. Negatives scanned to positive images you can share. Prints scanned to digital images, also.


  • Slides scanned by our expert. He can scan your existing 35mm slides and 35mm negatives into digital images including color correction with Photoshop. Each one is a custom scan so nothing is cropped out.
  • Turn your negatives into positive images that you can see on your phone or computer, email them and upload them to Facebook.
  • Your prints can be scanned into digital images as well, from wallet size up to 8x12 inches.
  • We'll put your beautiful images onto our website and you can download them with a link when they're ready.
  • If you prefer you can have a DVD for $5.00 extra.  To request it, fill out the PDF form and mail it with your slides or negatives.
  • The turnaround time is two days after we receive your film.
  • Please do your transaction online securely and then send your film into our address. Konold Kreations, 13328 Center Ave., Largo, FL 33773.


If you prefer, you can skip the online transaction and simply download, print and then fill out this form and mail it with your prints, slides or negatives. Include a thumb drive for your files, if you prefer. 



Price: $1.25

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