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35mm color slides produced from your digital images by printing them to film with our computers.

Priority RUSH Service – 4 day turnaround time

No Slides are Included in this price. This is just a RUSH charge.

This cuts the turnaround time down to 4 working days by paying for the film and the film processing.  This puts your order 1st in line without waiting for any one else to fill-up the roll of film.  

Those costs are $35.00 per roll of 36 exposures.  If you order 72 slides it would be 2 * $35 = $70 and 100 slides would be 3 * $35 = $105.00. This cost is in addition to your normal slide prices below and your shipping choice will take additional days.


Price: $35.00

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35mm color slides from digital images in 10 to 14 days

Your digital images are printed to a film recorder to produce 35mm color slides in 10 to 14 days on average. Your shipping choice will add on additional days. You can speed it up by adding on Priority RUSH Service.

This is step 1 and uploading your files is step 2.

Please Note: For 23 years we’ve always been able to have our 35mm color slide film processed locally and today (Mar. 15, 2017) is the end of that. The local lab’s processing machine broke. Every other local film processing lab closed years ago, so now we will ship your film to the best lab in the USA and they will ship it back. Finally we’ll ship the finished 35mm color slides to you.

This back and forth takes time and it’s not a daily thing, so the turnaround time cannot be guaranteed anymore. Small orders will have to wait for the roll of film to be filled because small orders can’t cover the cost of the 35mm color slide film and film processing.

Quantity Discount
1-4 $6.95 each
5-10 $5.95 each
11-40 $4.95 each
41-75 $3.95 each
76-99 $2.95 each
100-150 $2.45 each
151-199 $1.95 each
200+ $1.49 each

Price: $6.95

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35mm duplicate slides

  • We’ll print your image again for 2nd and 3rd sets of the original image.
  • Order the first set of color slides at the normal price for that quantity and then this duplicate slide price becomes available to you.
  • No extra time is required for these dupes.

Price: $1.99

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