• Send your images into ColorSlide.com and we’ll send each image back to you in its own keychain viewer, for only $5.95 each. Now $4.75 each. 
  • This price includes your image printed to color slide film, the assorted color viewer and your picture inside.
  • Imagine them as giveaways to clients, wedding favors, marketing swag, Christmas ornaments, risque gift for your husband, family gifts, novelty gifts, joke gifts, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
  • Turnaround time is two weeks since they're handmade and it takes 10 days to get your slide film back from the film processing lab.
  • After your transaction You can upload the images directly from your phone or computer with this link.  Click now so you can find it -- it opens in a new tab.

Old Price: $5.95

Price: $4.75

You save: $1.20

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