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Imagine your digital camera images printed into beautiful 35mm color slides! Preserve your memories forever before your hard drive fails.

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We can scan your existing film into digital images!

35mm color slide Many Clients across the USA use our film scanning service to digitize their existing positive or negative film. We can scan 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, 2 1/4 medium format film, 4x5 film and even 8x10 film. It doesn't matter if your film is color or black and white and the age of the film doesn't matter either.

35mm color slide Our scans are inexpensive and the prices include custom cropping and color correction. We do your scans in-house... we do not send them out somewhere else.

35mm color slide Some of our clients have sent their film to less expensive scanning services and they said the resulting images were way off color and were low resolution. When we scanned the same film, they were thrilled at the results because we scan each of them by hand! It's not an automated scanning process by machine with no human intervention. Our technician gives each scan the personal attention it deserves. In many cases the scanned image looks better than the original film!

35mm color slide You can order online and ship your film to us for scanning. Or, simply send your film into us and include a letter with all of your contact information. Then we will contact you for your payment.

35mm color slide When your scans are complete in a day or two, we'll send a link to you where you can download them. Or, we can burn a CD of your images and add $5.00 to your transaction. Either way, we will ship your film back to you by mail or by FedEx depending upon your shipping choice.

35mm color slide If you're in our Tampa Bay area, then we offer free pickup and delivery!

35mm color slide ::Film Scanned to Digital Prices::

Film Types 2000 dpi scans 3000 dpi scans 4000 dpi scans
35mm slides or negs. $1.00 each $1.50 each $2.00 each
2 1/4 trans. or negs. $1.75 each $2.50 each $3.25 each
4x5 trans. or negs. $2.50 each $3.50 each $4.50 each

35mm color slide Questions? Please email us or call 813-401-0013 Mon.-Sat. 9am to 9pm Eastern Time.

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