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Professional color slide production since 1981:

Our owner, George Konold Jr. has produced 35mm color slides as a professional photographer since 1981. He has a BA in Photography and Cinema from The Ohio State University and he will personally guarantee that you will be pleased with your color slides. was first put online in 1995 when the WWW was in it’s infancy for the general public. We receive many thank you messages by email.

We check and re-check your slides:

We always check your files before printing to ensure that there will be no problems. If your Powerpoint file is formatted for an on-screen show rather than 35mm color slides, then we’ll fix it before printing for no additional charge.

Small files may show the pixels

If your images are less than 900×600 pixels at 72 PPI, then the color slides may show the pixels. There’s nothing we can do about low resolution images to improve them unless you have a higher resolution image to replace it.

After your slides are printed, we collate them into slide pages and check to make sure that the finished slide looks like what you designed on the screen. We like to get these slides right on the first try because we hate to do things twice!

If you find a problem…

If there’s a problem with your slides that’s our fault, we’ll gladly fix it and replace your problem slides with new ones for no additional cost. Then we’ll ship it to you at our expense. Typically, the only time this happens is with translation problems going from Mac to Windows or from old programs to the newest versions. Try to avoid this by previewing your Mac file on a Windows machine, or by looking at your older version file on the newest version of your program.

At no time will we issue a refund for problem slides. We’ll work with you to correct your issue and reprint your slide(s) for free, so your presentation will not have gaps in it. Problems that are our fault include things like a scratch on the film, slide mounts coming apart, film mounted crooked in the slide mount, etc. but we always catch those problems here before shipping them out.

If the problem is due to your photography, file creation or design, then we’ll redo them at the normal slide price, plus return shipping. Problems that are not our fault include things like too much contrast in the image files, files that are too dark, too light, have too much or too little color saturation, color shifts, images cropped too tightly, basically anything that can be changed in a program like Photoshop. Other problems that aren’t our fault relate to PowerPoint word slide typos, word omissions, bad grammar, etc.

By George

I earned a BA in Photography from The Ohio State University and I've been producing slides with film recorders since 1996 when a 14.4 baud phone modem was "high speed Internet!" I've also scanned slides and negatives since then. Slides are my life!