How to produce 35mm color slides with PowerPoint

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We can print 35mm color slides from any version of Microsoft PowerPoint, but you need to prepare the PowerPoint show for 35mm slides.

Set the proper page size for your slides:

Change your page size by changing your setup. Click the File Menu, click Page Setup, and make sure that the “Slides Sized for:” box says “35mm slides.” Use the default size that it gives you. Or you could be totally exact and change the numbers to 7.33″ x 11″, which would be a Custom page size. Then click OK.

To set the Page Setup for the Newest Versions of PowerPoint:

Click the Design Tab, click Page Setup on the left side, click Slides Sized for: 35mm Slides.

Preparing your slides:

  • Do not run your text or artwork all the way out to the edge of the background. Leave about a half inch of space from the edge of the background on your screen or the text/art will be cut off by the slide mount.
  • Make your text as large as possible to increase readability.
  • Use a dark background and light colored letters or your slides will be difficult to read.
  • Avoid a white background because white is represented by clear film on slides. White is not opaque, so it lets the full glare of the slide projector through.

Saving your slides:

Save your slides as a normal PowerPoint presentation file with a “.ppt -or- .pptx” file name extension. Please do not print it to a file. Just save it normally and upload it to us prior to clicking Add to Cart.

By George

I earned a BA in Photography from The Ohio State University and I've been producing slides with film recorders since 1996 when a 14.4 baud phone modem was "high speed Internet!" I've also scanned slides and negatives since then. Slides are my life!