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Email address:

  • My preferred method of contact is email: george(at) <= replace (at) with @.  Please whitelist my email address or it will end up in your spam folder.
  • Email is slow, so IF you need immediate answers use Messenger on Facebook in the bottom right corner.

Snail Mail Address:

George Konold
Konold Kreations
13328 Center Ave
Largo FL 33773

If you ship something to us, please send it with no signature required or I might miss it, especially Express Mail.  It’s a home office and all of the shipping companies know me, so just send it and they’ll deliver it.

Phone calls and SMS text messages:

Please read a couple pages on our website and your questions will be answered.  If not, send an email message to us as the next best preferred method of communication, or even a text.

IF you have to call and I don’t answer, then be sure to leave a message so I can call you back. I answer 9am to 9pm Eastern USA time. Thanks! (813) 401-0013

By George

I earned a BA in Photography from The Ohio State University and I've been producing slides with film recorders since 1996 when a 14.4 baud phone modem was "high speed Internet!" I've also scanned slides and negatives since then. Slides are my life!